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[For 1.8] Flatty Theme
Does this comes with a fixed sidebar? Which will be shown at every page !!
I need a help because i fight with this a one hours :/ I need to change a icons "Linkedlin" for "Discord Icon" i cant found where is that icon...
Second problem is with "Location, Number" I need delete this two. I need only a support for stay in page. Im newbie and learning now. 
Thanks for help!

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Take a look into the Flatty theme footer template - there it should be.
<a href="" title="LinkedIn"><span class="sicon ln"><i class="fa fa-linkedin"></i></span></a>
<a href="" title="Discord"><span class="sicon discord"><i class="fa fa-discord"></i></span></a>

Yes, i know that, but when i change "sicon discord" etc on page doesnt saw....

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