Need plugin developer $100 - Status: Resolved
Ok i will wait until that, thanks @dragonexpert.

I have to work more on some code addittions, right now i am on it.

You can take a look onto my site.

But i think i can betterise the mod in many senses so i have to work on it for tomorrow too. Right now i am finished and very tired.
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Plugins 1.6.x

Plugins 1.8.x

(2017-02-12, 05:36 PM)Dark Neo Wrote: Ok i try to figure out to add it on next release.

i think that info are usefull like where the users are currently. So i try to not touch that parts.

But you can set it up i do it on localhost for that part at first instance.

To get currentry online or mark it i can modify the code with mybb ones that' what i do on my avatars plugin or i can add an extension in the plugin for that part.

What are usefull for you ?

I can add it on new page or same online page wit the hook but changes on template must be manual because mybb since 1.8.5 had a bug with template replacement routine and i try not do that for security reasons.

But i can glitch it with new data. Or easy you can contact me by pm and i do this job for you on your site.

Exactly. just simply add it on new page, it does not need to be the online.php page,

just do it like you did onlinetoday.php

Yea, yea! That is all you have to do! Just call it something like onlinenow.php

Create one page that simply shows the Current online members and a link to the page.

Keep up the brilliant work!
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