Side bars throughout board
Test forum is here  (adapted flatty theme)

You will see the side bars at the right hand side. What I want to do is have these bars on the topic list and posts pages as well so my question is.  

Do I try and edit the forumdisplay.php  and showthread.php  pages ?


Edit the template files.  I can see the side bar code in templates>index page templates>index  so I guess the forum display template and show thread template would be the logical place to start looking if it is the template files I should update.

Any pointers would be welcome [Image: smile.gif]
There are two ways to add sidebar on full website :-
1. Either you go with modifications in each and every templates for different pages such as showthread, forumdisplay, memberlist, help docs, forum team etc.
2. Or you modify header template and add code in such a way, it shows sidebar on all pages which have header ie all mybb pages

Hope I gave you correct pointers to move in right direction.

That's great thanks, I'll go have a play around. The side bars were originally just to make the viewthread etc pages a bit narrower, I notice it can be done as in this image see how the forum itself is much narrower under the header. I guess this be in the global.css somewhere?
You can try my plugin, Advanced Sidebox (link in my sig).

With it, you can design sidebars for almost any page of your forum, control user permissions, and a lot more.
Cheers wildcard, I'll give it a look when I am back home this afternoon.

Looks pretty neat from what I can see Smile

That is exactly what I need Smile Installed ok and I have turned off the side bars on the index page as there are already ones there. It shows on all the other pages that it is active on except forumdisplay.php (forumdisplay_threadlist)

Any idea why it won't show on this page as ironically this is the one page I need it on !

Cheers (great script!! )
Sorry I missed your reply because it was merged.

Read this for help with getting the plugin to work with specific themes:
Thanks for that. The only page for it not to work is the fprumdisplay.php

I have checked the header and footer search in the forumdisplay_threadlist template

<div class="float_right">{$newthread}</div>


Will need some more investigation I think
If you can't get it working, let me know and I can help.

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