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Not Solved How to hide ip addresses of users from moderator
Not Solved
Hi I will appoint a moderator to my forum but for privacy reasons how would like to hide my members ip addresses and email addresses. How would I do that?

Not Solved
I'm not sure about hiding e-mail addresses from mods but to hide IP's from mods go to:
Admin CP --> Users & Groups --> Groups --> Moderator --> Miscellaneous
"Who's Online" and make sure "Can view IP addresses on who's online?" is not selected

Go to:
Admin CP --> Users & Groups --> Groups --> Moderator --> Moderator CP
"Users" and make sure "Can use IP search?"

However, I'm not sure if that will hide IP addresses everywhere in the mod cp. May have to just make a test mod account and check it out yourself.
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Not Solved
Email address can be hidden by going to user CP > edit options
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