verified accounts
Hi plugin developers

Can you guys create a plugin for verified accounts so who ever verifies his ID he will get a small mark confirm that its his real name
well its useful because some users they do business in some boards and they write political statement and other things they wanna make sure visitors will know its that person and he is real and verified so he wont keep presenting his id every time .
i had suggested this for MYBB 2.
but team reject it and suggested to be built as a plugin,it better
any one can build this feature
like twitter and Facebook?
Been awhile since using MYBB.
(2017-02-24, 12:28 PM)mrmod Wrote: like twitter and Facebook?

Yes and youtube
This is so easy, just create a badge for certain user groups and done
Hey man, what's up?
(2017-02-25, 06:25 PM)Michael2014 Wrote: This is so easy, just create a badge for certain user groups and done

Gonna Have the same question is this possible
Yep. I do this to verify certain members.

Make a usergroup with the same permissions as guest (or whichever additional they may need)

Adding a checkmark i find is best with fontawesome, but you can add an image instead.

Admin CP > users and groups > groups > add new user group

In username style do whatever you want to style it:

If you use fontawesome:

{username}<i class="fas fa-check"></i>

that will give you the username and a tick like below (color wont be the same)

[Image: GwWTJbK.png]

If you want a different icon, go to search or click on the verification icon you want and it will have the embed html on the page somewhere you can just copy.

If you don't use fontawesome replace <i class="fas fa-check"></i> with whatever tick image URL html you want (make sure it's the right size though).

If you want it before the username, put it before {username}

You can style group usernames however you want there, if you want a group to have gold and subtly glowing usernames the following will do the trick:
<span style="color: #ffd700;text-shadow: 0px 0px 5px rgba(230, 194, 0, 1);"><strong><em>{username}</em></strong></span>

etc, etc. very easy to mess with group appearances

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