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Hello, There MyBB Community!

We are currently looking for a theme for a new forum that is opening up soon. We are going to want an LGBT sort of theme for us and were looking at a low price if we can. 

The forum is going to be targeting young teens who are going through issues with the fear or coming out or even homophobic abuse with older members of the community sharing their storeys and offering a support system for our younger members at the same time trying to safeguard and educate the younger members on the predators you find on other forums such as sexting forums where you have 29-year-olds asking 13/14-year-olds for nudes and worryingly enough this is not even on the deep web so it's accessed by anybody and at the moment is a huge issue within the community that is not really brought to many people's attention.

As I said we are looking for a cheap or even free theme if you want to help us with our project as everything we get from donations and our Kickstarter that will be posted this weekend will be all non profit and used to help the teens in the LGBT community either on the running of the forum or charities that work closely within the community.

Kind Regards,
LGBT Forums
Hey Nathan,
If you are going for a free theme than you can check here

Also if you are looking for cheap theme, than Focus responsive theme is on sale for 18$ price after that it will be 25$

I have responded to your PM Big Grin

Please do not PM me for support. I am looking to be hired for paid services.

You can view my paid services here.

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