LF Coding Assistance (RPG)

I'm looking for someone willing to help us get started with the base layout we're hoping to achieve so we can branch off from there. I have experience with myBB coding, mostly HTML, but rapidly learning CSS. I'm looking to build and start an RPG site with my friend, but we aren't sure how to exactly build something from scratch. Any coding help given will be recognized and credited on our site once we open!

I do have a detailed mock up of what we're looking for so far; can be given upon request. I'm hoping someone would be willing to help out, we'd be very appreciative of anything! We hope to work with someone responsive, but we're not in a time crunch or big hurry, we're simply really excited to see something we've dreamed about doing for so long come to life!
Hey Foxandwander,
I will suggest you to use an existing responsive design for your task and I believe Focus Responsive theme should be good for your request.
It highly supports extreme customization's and works with most of the plugins. You can check this thread for it :-

That is just a suggestion, you can add me on skype: iWallBB for further discussion if you want to proceed with complete custom work.


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