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Are ads really worth ruining the look of a website?
Ads are ok if they are done properly but unfortunately most people don't care how offensive their ads are an they put them all over their sit'es pages. The worse is when they put those auto playing video ads all over their pages as well. Idiots!
Unless you have a unique site that no one else has, users' level of tolerance for ads is quite low tbh.

For me, I generally don't care that much for ads, unless they slow down site speed and pop up every minute.
(03-18-2017, 11:34 PM)José F. Wrote: Well, they have to survive somehow. Whether or not it's a good business model, it's not the question right now. But if their only way to keep online is by showing ads, I don't see the problem. I can always go to another website, I have that choice.

I completely disagree with you guys on this subject, I believe that it's greedy on my part if I want to see articles for free and not support the writers and the website in any way... Only on the internet people have this attitude, it gave us this notion that everything can be accessed, and that we are entitled to access, for free. We still do, even by seeing ads we can just ignore them if we are not interested. Most people's heads already filter the ads by themselves and read only what's important.

I completely agree with this guy's statement. Very well said
There's nothing wrong with advertisements, users know you need some revenue to keep the site going. It is a problem if you have pop ups, pop unders, and take-over ads ruining the user-experience of your site. A few clean ads in your header, footer, and possibly sidebar are no big deal.
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ooh i hate those "auto" playing ads! some forum owners do go the extra mile by purchasing ability to do away with all ads. some forums iam on have ads flashing in banner, in threads and even in profile pages.
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To me, it ultimately depends on how much money would be generated using ads, because the whole point of ads is making money. Yes, if you can makes Thousands of dollars per month using ads then go for it, or hundreds but most sites don't make that much money that I have been on, forums that is. So if one is scratching for dollars then yes, and if one can sell minimal ad space for high dollar amounts then yes. Other than that, I am just not a big fan of ads. Especially google's ads. Twitter has a good system for selling ad space.
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it helps pay for the hosting

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