displaying tables in posts
Hi, I am mid conversion of phpbb to mybb but im stuck trying to offer tables in posts.
I can't seem to find anything in mybb that does it by default. Is there a mycode I can add?
I have searched and searched but the posts here (and google) are not working 

currently the users would post like
L=Number of posts:||11473||Posts per day:||373.79
L=Number of topics:||1163||Topics per day:||37.89
L=Number of users:||1810||Users per day:||58.97

and get a nicely formatted table
Without it I will have to stay on phpbb....  Sad
Nothing? lack of response is concerning me this is a good decision to convert over. I thought this was a buzzing helpful community?
I do not remember seeing such BBcode [called MyCode on MyBB as you said above] for the tables formatting Sad
tried to find the original BBcode for phpBB, but somehow could not devote required time (so far) ..

Edit: are you referring to result like this => [image]
Yes, this is what I need. I don't mind what the mycode is, as long as the result is the same.
I have tried a few plugins and suggestions but they havent worked.
I don't mind paying a developer either for this and another few changes that maybe standard functionality anyway? I just need some help to call upon.

ahh, finally found an answer. I needed to add a pile of mycodes for td tr thead etc. And I have a found a plugin that pops up wisywig editor.

My sanity is restored!!!
There is a table generator plugin for this in extend.

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