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Not Solved Merged from BBpress to myBB, get "Forum not valid"
Not Solved
I merged my forum with 550 users, 1370 threads and 2910 posts to myBB. 

Everything went fine, except that some forums shows a "not valid forum" message when trying to enter into them from the front page. 

I have run the "Recount and rebuild" tool. Also cleared cache. 

Is it anything I am missing?

Thank you for chiming in. Hopefully it's easy to do the transfer over to MyBB :-)  The merge worked flawless. I just don't understand the forums that does not show. (Most show.)
Not Solved
I found that this was caused by my user not being confirmed via an email link. However I can not see that I ever got an email link, and the email log inside mybb do not show any sent emails.

When I set the permissions to see the forum's threads for non registered users I saw all threads.

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