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myBB Error - Important Needs Fixing
Hi Team,
I've recently been having a problem with myBB where it's printing out an error when a user creates an account on the forums.

You can view my forums page here:
If you are a developer for myBB and need permissions to solve/edit/fix this issue, please let me know.

This is the error message which the user receives:

I've been searching for the problem for a few days though I've found no posts of any users having the same problem, I can tell that it's saying there is a duplicate key for "loginname". I recommend creating an account so you can see the problem for yourself.

SQL Error:1062 - Duplicate entry '' for key 'loginname'

I am hoping someone with knowledge of this problem can help out ASAP as I own a large community and I depend on the forums to be online @ all times.

 - Thanks CodeLight.
see this reply & its next post

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