Not Solved Weird!!! Can't see post when logged in
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I am admin on a forum, and also have a regular user log in.

There is a thread in one forum that I can view when not logged in and just a guest.

When I log in, either as admin or regular registered user, the post is not there!  All of the rest of the thread is there, just not this one post.  It is the last post in the thread.  Don't know if that makes any difference.

It is repeatable.  It happened last night and it's happening today.

I was just contacted by another user.  Same problem for them.  It's not just me. Smile

What the.... ? Huh
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what happens when you add another post to that thread ?
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I don't know. I thought of doing that but I didn't want to do something what would hide the problem.

Have you seen this before?

So, somebody added to the thread and now the post is there.

What's going on?

Also, I've noticed some posts are extremely slow to update.  Image are not showing up for hours and stuff like that.

Any idea why I'm seeing these odd issues?

This is a new, just hatched forum with very few threads and posts.  I wouldn't expect seeing these types of issues.
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--- new thread => Last post in thread missing when logged in - STRANGE! ---

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