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Optional Spanish, Russian and Japanese translation on 1.8.10 for foreign visitors?
How do you add an optional translation button to your forum using 1.8.10? That way guests who don't speak English will see a button to click so they can view all your English pages in their own language, but the button doesn't change the site to foreign language for everyone. Would this create any security problems? Would this cause plugin issues? Would this translation also give those users the ability to post in their own language? How accurate/correct is the translation usually? It wouldn't be the gibberish Google Translate spits out would it? Sorry for any issues with this post, I'm on mobile.
This will not create a problem with security, you can use language packs at MyBB for the required languages.

Also you will need a plugin for automatic country detection and modify the website based on language.
For SEO, I am not too sure how will it affect it but if your homepage is like this (default english for all users)
And or ru or jp
Based on the country, than it should not be a problem for Google SEO as well.


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