Not Solved [split] Http Error 500 on member registration (after upgrade)
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Hello everybody,

I upgrade My BB v1.6.10 to v1.6.15 and update Google Seo Plugin last version. The same mistake is happening after member registration. Member registration is complete, but 500 error pages appear.

How can I fix this error?


Error log:
[31-Mar-2017 04:35:17 Europe/Minsk] XML-RPC: xmlrpc_server::execute: function get_box_info_func registered as method handler does not return an xmlrpcresp object
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all versions of MyBB 1.6 series are no longer supported.
if your upgrade was done to MyBB 1.6.15 then you have to upgrade again to latest available version - MyBB 1.8.10

anyway, you have to check server error log to find the cause of error 500
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Yes, I upgraded v1.6.18 but Error still in progress.
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the issue is related to TapaTalk plugin. disable & uninstall it and check
may be there is an updated version of the plugin - you have to try using that.

And MyBB version 1.6.18 is also not supposed to receive support from this community.
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Thanks for your answer.
I updated Tapatalk to latest version. But Error still in progress.

I have an application with Tapatalk API.
I uninstall and reinstall Tapatalk Plugin and then application don't work.
this is the big problem for me.

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