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Hello, I have had my forum running since February of this year and love MyBB, the problem I am facing is the mail system. People are no longer receiving emails to activate their account, anything else requiring the mail function is also not working. I am using SMTP for an email account linked to the same domain name as the forum.

This is the error I receive:

php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known
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This isn't an issue that is exclusive to MyBB, it is a problem in PHP with the IP of the login page, and th email selected to send verifications not being on the same domain. Make sure, if you have different domains, that you are using the domain to send emails that your site is hosted on. Otherwise you may be able to edit your config.php? (don't quote me here I'm not sure where It's located) and change the $servername = "localhost" to the proper IP for the mail server is. Hope this helps, if not feel free to PM me.
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Can you tell us your current configuration for mails? i am sure something is not right there, you can also try SMTP from email providers like mailchimp, targethero, etc.
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FileSquid is under development
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