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How can i create a location for a custom page? When i say location i mean (Whos Online) it shows a location on the forum and what they are doing. I made a custom page for dvz_shoutbox as a sub page. However it shows people as unkown location when on that page. I would like it to say something like "Chat"
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thanks for hte link

Where do these actual functions get executed? And what does the hook contain? Something like?
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^ see MyBB plugins explained and plugin hooks in files
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Is the add_hook like a hash map linking the execution at the point of run_hook and the definition of the hash map at add_hook linking your string (in my case "blah") to the functions?

For example i editing /inc/plugins/dvz_shoutbox.php and added the following

$plugins->add_hook('dvz_shoutbox_start',  ['dvz_shoutbox', 'load_window']); // load Shoutbox window to   {$dvz_shoutbox} variable 
$plugins->add_hook('blah', ['dvz_shoutbox','dvz_shoutbox_wol']);
$plugins->add_hook('blah', ['dvz_shoutbox','dvz_shoutbox_friendly_loc']);
//added dvz_shoutbox_wol and dvz_shoutbox_friendly_loc in attempt to add online location to shoutbox page
function dvz_shoutbox_wol($user_activity)
  global $parameters;
  if(strpos($user_activity['location'], "dvz_shoutbox.php"))
    $user_activity['activity'] = "Using Shoutbox";
    // If I had any parameters I would do them like this:
    $user_activity['parameter_name'] = $parameters['parameter_name'];
  return $user_activity;

function dvz_shoutbox_friendly_loc($array)
  global $user_activity; 
  /* Globalize $db if you want to query the database for needed parameters.  
  * Also whichever variable you cache data in needs to be globalized.
  * Globalize $cache if you are reading from a cache.
  if($array['user_activity']['activity'] == "Using Shoutbox") /* Replace my_file with whatever you       called the activity in the previous function. */
    $array['location_name'] = "<a href=>Shoutbox</a>";
  return $array;

and in my custom page in my mybb root i have shoutbox.php

define('IN_MYBB', '1');
define('THIS_SCRIPT', 'shoutnox.php');
require "./global.php";


add_breadcrumb("Shoutbox", "shoutbox.php");
eval("\$page = \"".$templates->get("shoutbox")."\";");

This doesnt show an error, or warning, etc. However it is not doing anything. I am not sure if it is a hook problem or the functions are not correct?

I found out how to do it by hard coding it

Works and seems much more simpler to add cases for you custom pages than learning the plugin process.
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I wouldn't recommend looking at the DVZ ones as examples because they are written a bit odd. Learning the plugin process is better than doing core file edits because each time you update the forum, you'll need to apply the edits again.

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