Not Solved Focus Premium Theme - Recomendation and some Quick support.
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Hey guys,

I'm very proud of myself because i just bought one copy of Focus Theme from WallBB and installed/customized all by myself (like my old Focus theme).

I'm here to recommend WallBB services: Very quick buy, very good support from him since the beginning. I can vouch for WallBB and his work. All you guys can trust him!


Let's ask for a quick support here:

- How i change the color of the fonts in the threads to true black? Like in this MyBB Forum? The grey colour is some hard to read.

- How i edit/change/disable the inbuilt announcement system? Just in coding?

- In the very big announcement for guests visitors, i already changed the text, but, a small detail:

I need to change the icons for "register" and "login" like in the HEADER (Howdy Guest!) - with the key and the happy person. I can't find the class. If i change in the guest welcome block, the button is gone and a plain ugly text appear in the place.

- I need MySEO for this theme or it's built in too?

I'm in the beginning to install my plugins. Most of what i use is ok in this theme:

- BAM Manager: Works fully. No code editing to work;

- Last Posts On Side Bar (ver. 1.0, tomorrow i will update): Works great. Some easy code editing (follow the instructions on readme.txt);

- My Forum Icons: Some editing, just follow the install instructions;

Tomorrow is going to be MyAlerts, DVZ Mentions, Google Analytics, Share This Page, MySpoiler, ThankYou/Like System (Or MyReactions, i think is better), Imgur Upload, MyCode Spoiler, OUGC Awards and i think it is that.

Thanks guys.

Moderation, please close this thread.
The support is given in the official topic.

Not Solved
Hey palhanow,
Thanks for your good words, I have asked mod to close this thread.
I will provide support in official thread.


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