Not Solved Last post in thread missing when logged in - STRANGE!
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I was reading a 3 page thread on my site as a guest and wanted to reply to the last post.  So I logged in as a regular, registered user.  The last post in the thread, the one I wanted to reply to, was no longer there.

I have done this many times to verify it.  Closed all browsers, rebooted, etc. 

As guest - last post is there.
Log in - last post is gone

Huh? Huh

If I log in as Admin the post is there too.
Only logged in a regular, registered user is the post not there.

I also have a test user as a regular, registered user too.  I tried logging in as that guy and the post is not there.

It appears that the post is not visible to any regular, registered user when they are logged in.
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though can't check it right now,
is this same as your recent thread (Weird!!! Can't see post when logged in) explaining similar issue
Not Solved
Wow!  Amazing you found that.  I had forgotten.

Apparently it is the same issue.  I suspect that if I log in as Admin and post something the problem may resolve itself.  I don't want to do that because it would mask a problem that you can see now.

But, apparently this is the second time this has happened.  It's repeatable and you can see it in this thread:

This is a single, clean install of 1.8.1.  This looks kind of buggy to me and sort of a problem as simply displaying posts is rather fundamental to forum software.  Rolleyes

This is a new forum with very few posts.  Any idea what's going on?  A bug perhaps?

This is currently a live problem that you can be examined, but I'd like to stick up another post so that the last post is available to logged in members.

Is anybody interested in checking this out before the evidence is lost?  Like I mentioned before, this is the second time this has happened so I think something is up.


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