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[For 1.8] Form Creator V2.4.3
(06-27-2018, 03:31 PM)Mike Jones Wrote: I'm having an issue were some usergroups are not able to use the form even though I have it set to allow all usergroups.

Sorry I can't give you a reason or help you with the information you have given.

Please send me an export of the form you have the problem with. Please explain who to reproduce the issue.
Please tell me what error message you get.

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Hi, very great plugin, thank you very much!

For choose a forum directly from form maybe you can check this plugin:

It worked very good on 1.6, then disaster on 1.8 Sad But it was very useful:

If you can understand how to add this to form creator would be very good I think.
I want to make it so people cant see the forum where the thread is posted but if I make it so a group cant see threads in that section then the form dosnt override the button. The only option now is to only let them see their own threads but I dont want then to see what the staff says about them.
That doesn't make any sence to me anyway. You want people to see the forum but unable to view anything within it? But able to post within it?

You could also just make a forum that links to the url of the form

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