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Not Solved making new admin
Not Solved
hi i have finally decided to sell my forum. i need to make a new admin for the buyer and will give them all the credentials. 

however i have some questions. can admins ban eachother? if so how do i sell the forum so that if the buyer makes an additional admin that they don't get banned by an admin since they are the owner?

thx  Big Grin
Not Solved
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
As long as your UID is 1 then they cannot ban you, by default whoever installs MyBB is a super administrator. If you are unsure you can go to
If your account comes up then you are the super administrator, after you add the new admin you should go to ./inc/config.php and change the super_admin from 1 to his UID which you can find by visiting his profile and checking the number at the end of the URL. As long as he is a super admin no one will be able to make changes to his account and it cannot be deleted.
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