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Not Solved Merge System with Tapatalk?
Not Solved

I recently migrated my old SMF 2 forum over to MyBB 1.8. For the most part it was a seamless experience. I was really impressed in how easily you guys achieved this conversion.

Anyway, my question is with Tapatalk and logins. I have used Tapatalk in the past (sometimes success and other times, no so much). However, I am willing to give it another go on MyBB. Should I be aware of any complications with the login conversion after the merge and accessing Tapatalk?

Would converted users have to login first on desktop before Tapatalk is accessible or do you not anticipate any trouble at all? Keep it mind that I could completely be overthinking this!

Just figured I'd check in with the experts first.
Not Solved
As I understand it, Tapatalk just passes logins through to the forum software's normal login routine and doesn't do its own SSO (or similar). As long as I'm not super out-of-date on things, I would expect things to work perfectly fine if you convert to MyBB according to the normal procedures and then install the Tapatalk plugin for MyBB.

Also, from Tapatalk's Features page (emphasis mine):
Quote:Tapatalk works with all major open-source and commercial community software including vBulletin, xenForo, phpBB and more. And if you ever decide to change community software, you have peace of mind knowing that Tapatalk will seamless move to a new community software system.
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It will be fine, just install the files and activate plugin, set up your account and you will be good to go.

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