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[For 1.8] Can't Log in to ACP? Read this!
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Due to the insanely high number of people with issues logging into the ACP, and even the front end I have decided to make an in depth thread on the possible issues, and how to fix them.

One of the most common problems faced by those with issues logging in is the login loop. You enter your information, and then are redirected back to the login page. The most common reason for this is the secure cookie flag is on, when your site is not forcing SSL (HTTPS), this causes the cookie to not be set properly, and thus you cannot access the ACP as it uses those cookies to verify the user. Below is a tutorial on fixing this issue.

1. Access your cPanel account 
[Image: 19e13497546de118e8eb3618d1f7b171.png]

2. Login and go to PHPmyAdmin

[Image: 9c6d42b5c431cc13ecd53e34e1a59429.png]

3. On the left side, click your username, then the databse (usually starts with mybb_)

4. Scroll down until _settings

[Image: f3b80f1813431394eec27b10ec00868a.png]

5. Look for cookiesecureflag 
[Image: 4b149dd2ebdff57037e98fdddbcf943c.png]

6. Double click the value on that row (either 1 or 0)

[Image: 65dfcc5b6fe8b6b6851cc44f4114e5e5.png]

7. Make sure the value is a single 0 and press enter

8. Lastly, go to your ./inc/settings.php file, right click it, and delete it.

Now you should be able to login to the ACP with no issues, if you need further help with this feel free to PM me and I'll try to guid you through the process.
[Image: 87ee2bb91058f535f4c1fcba43b7bd7c.jpg]

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