Not Solved [Error Message] subforum not displaying for guests
Not Solved
On my site I have a few problems .. I am on an SSD server with SSL , but I do not think that has anything to do with it..

My subforums although they say it is avail for view shows the forum itself but appears empty.. It gives the message you do not have access to this forum

I have checked all the permissions, and the guest permissions and they are all set the way they should be for what I want..

Can someone give me an idea as to what is going on.. Blush . first the on off icons on the brink and now forums not showing

Not Solved
is it a problem with a specific subforum ? if so give its link.
as a guest, I am able to navigate through many subforums on your ebooks forum
Not Solved

No matter what I do I even rebuilt forums and cleaned cache, I used the default theme and still then I tried others with the same result.. Actually the sub forum titles show but the posts do not


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