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Not Solved Moving to MyBB from JCINK
Not Solved

I hope this is an okay place to post this/okay topic to post. My forum is looking to move from JCINK to MyBB. However, we weren't sure if a merge would be possible since I was reading that JCINK might use an outdated system. We are really wanting to move to MyBB to get away from some of the issues we have with the ownership of JCINK, but would hate to lose our 50,000+ posts.

Any help would be wonderful. And if this wasn't posted in the proper place, my apologies.
Not Solved
most probably you have to hire an expert for the conversion. and the conversion could be through another system

JCINK --> another forum system --> MyBB

can't assure about migration of attachment files & avatars, polls ..

do you get database download from JCINK ? what would be its approximate size ?
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I have the ability to download a copy of my forum database anytime since I'm a premium member. At least check it was about 75 MB, I believe.
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though not sure if I can check it right now,
you may PM me temporary access to your forum admin panel for a basic check ..
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I'll shoot you a PM.
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I can attest this is doable... (I did it.)

Jcink uses a modified version of Invision Power Board 1.3 so you do have to go to a third software first. In my case I went to phpBB 2 then MyBB 1.6. (There used to be a converter here but it's since been removed. I've attached a copy of that converter here.)

.zip (Size: 35.07 KB / Downloads: 36)

Avatars, polls, files, reputation, alerts will not transfer over.  Any custom BBcodes you have will also be lost and any places they're used in posts will leave the html version. So this means you do have to spend some time cleaning things up after the conversion.
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Not able to find a phpBB2 file anymore. Any other suggestions? We are looking to do this move as soon as possible, but I am literally all thumbs when it comes to this Sad
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(05-08-2017, 11:19 PM)edums4lyfe Wrote: Not able to find a phpBB2 file anymore.

You're welcome
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I'll post this here too just in case anyone else needs this info too...

You can get a copy of PHPBB2 from Sourceforge here.

Another thing to know when going through the conversion... use Xampp (or your favourite server program) and do it on your own computer. Trying to do it on a live server may not work. (Since they may have the script timeout values set too low.)

You'll probably need to edit php.ini (with notepad or your favourite plain text editor) located in the xampp/php directory. (If you use something other than Xampp, the location may be different. But there should still be a php.ini file somewhere with these variables.) 
Look for:
  • "max_execution_time="  and set it to something like 9000 (this way your conversion script doesn't accidentally time out halfway.)
  •  "max_input_time=" and set it to -1 (This way your script can process incoming data for as long as it needs.)
  • "memory_limit=" and set that to something like 1024M or even 2048M (if you have less than 4GB of ram don't put a value higher than 1024M. But if you have more than 4GB then feel free to use 2048M just to help speed things up some.)
  • "upload_max_filesize=" and set it to at least 200M. (This way you can upload larger files to PHPMyAdmin without worry.  Though you probably won't need much more than 200M unless your forum is pretty huge... Like 200,000 posts or more.)
After that follow the directions listed in the ib2phpbb zip's readme exactly. (It'll say how to do the process.)
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