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Not Solved Problem with video embedding
Not Solved Question 
Hi there.

One of my moderators is having an issue when trying to embed a video from YouTube.

He never had this problem before, but lately when he tries using the forum embed option it just loads a blank space in the post where the video would be. And when he copies the embed link from YouTube itself under the video's share options, and pastes it into a reply, it displays the code and doesn't embed the video.

I logged into his profile from a different PC and experienced the same issue, but it works fine on my own profile.

Any ideas where I can start looking for a solution?

Thanks in advance.
Not Solved
can he embed video from any other site ? test url ? (where you have video posted by that user)
have you checked his earlier posts where he had embedded youtube videos - do they work as normal videos ?
Not Solved
His earlier embedded videos also seem to be broken.

It seems to be an all 'round problem. He tried embedding from Vimeo and it's still broken.

I have double and triple checked all usergroup settings, profile settings, posting settings, subforum settings etc, and all seems normal.
Not Solved
This seems to be a problem with all my moderators, as discovered this morning.
Not Solved
looks strange. would you like to PM me temporary access to forum admin panel (& wait for few hours) to check
Not Solved
PM sent once more. You sir are a legend.
Not Solved
embedding regular videos through the editor should work now.

looks like you have recently added ssl (https protocol)
and that requires embedding videos from secured locations.

changed http to https in the videos related templates
Not Solved
I will run a few tests from various usergroups and check if all is in order.

Thanks once again for all the help. I owe you.

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