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Quotes for a community forum customization and plugin

I am starting to budget a new website/mybb forum and after i've seen lots of them i got a pretty good idea of what I'll be needing and that is:

Customization of the coding over a base template (premium or free) 
the graphics after the base it's chosen will be delivered
as well with the scheme 'wireframe' of how the looks will be - and defaults 
CSS styles
googleads positioning
font usage
Icon changes in code
graphic change

Insert localization 
in the major languages - with the available free myBB translations

Insert add-ons 
like DVZ shoutbox, thanks, bot - those things that make a forum be more interactive
Backup to outside server 

that is not a must but it is very welcomed  Rolleyes

Instalation & debug
After all is set on the chosen dev. sandbox
Install, debug and conflicts

Coding services on request after launch
per hour or per task

I know i tried to structure this the best i could so i could give as much as details as possible.
The idea it's great, but i am the single one doing this, so the funds are not elastic at all!

I already worked with dev's from many parts of the world for other projects other than forums and i don't wish to receive PM's from who aren't Up to pair to this project.
Because i like to keep things secret till launch, a NDA - Non disclosure deal has to be signed
But you're quite ok to shine your coding skills with my design abilities.

One this is sure, it is a looker.
I hope don't get crazy here....because flying solo has issues like pocket chaneg to invest

Pls PM any question or your best quote...or even recomendation of specific developers onsite.

EDIT: I also would like to know if there is any easy way to integrate Mailchimp say for a weekly newsletter... i saw the plug on extend seems outdated.

Thanks people 
Sofia  Heart
Please PM me with your skype or discord . I am interested in working with you .
Are you looking for someone to just complete this list for you, or is there a more specific development request here that I'm missing? Because most of that list really just involves installing and setting up MyBB initially, as well as installing a few free plugins. You really don't need a developer for this, just someone relatively experienced with MyBB. I'm also confused because you state that you want someone to pair their coding skills with your design abilities, yet the first (and largest) section of the list is composed almost entirely of things that I would consider primarily a designer's job to handle.

tl;dr what do you actually need developed here and what are you contributing?
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