Not signing out - Users logged in as others (And admin)
On our forum, we suddenly started experiencing a really weird phenomenon.    Users are unable to logout - and when clicking to different pages (or the front page) they are logged in as other members, including admin accounts with full powers and access. 

I turned the board offline in an attempt to find the time to sort it out - but it's being really really wonky.  And no one edited the templates, no one messed with the it's literally just a random event.

I'm not the coder that made our site - so I am at a complete loss with this security issue.  Help? D8

I've also tried to force the default theme on all users so I can see if it's the coding of our skins - and it reverts back to the normal default skin when I click the skins/templates tab.
your web server has some type of weird cache (eg. Varnish #) which is affecting login cookie.
basically your web host has to fix it.

see also replies here
Allright, thank you very much! I'm on a chat with our host right now... And it looked like they escalated our ticket.
So we've talked to our host for the last 5 days and they said that it's not their issue and that we need to contact a web developer... So I am at a loss....where even would we go to contact someone like that? He'll what language is it in...

Would moving hosts resolve our issue or will we have the same thing
assuming that your forum is eligible for support from this community
would you like to PM me temporary access to forum admin panel & files (FTP) to check it

{note: I'll stay online for about 20 minutes from now - up to GMT 1815}

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