Not Solved Which php file builds forumjump_advance
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Hey peeps, was wondering,

Which php file controls the forumjump_advance template
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What goes around comes around
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Thanks Ashley,

Not sure why this doesn't work... I'm trying to add the forum jump to the header,

I added "$forumjump = build_forum_jump("", $fid, 1);"
to global.php

and used {$forumjump} in the header and the jump menu appears and works but when I edit forum jump_advance template, there is no change
to the jump menu.

Here is forumjump_advance template, but when I edit it on the site there is absolutely no changes to the jump menu,

can anyone point me in the right direction?

<form action="forumdisplay.php" method="get">
<span class="smalltext"><strong>{$lang->forumjump}</strong></span>
<select name="{$name}" class="forumjump">
<option value="-4">{$lang->forumjump_pms}</option>
<option value="-3">{$lang->forumjump_usercp}</option>
<option value="-5">{$lang->forumjump_wol}</option>
<option value="-2">{$lang->forumjump_search}</option>
<option value="-1">{$lang->forumjump_home}</option>
<script type="text/javascript">
$(".forumjump").change(function() {
	var option = $(this).val();

	if(option < 0)
		window.location = 'forumdisplay.php?fid='+option;
		window.location = {$forum_link};
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what exactly you are trying to change in the template ?
if you wanted to remove some options then they can be easily commented out ..
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m. thank you for your time, what I was trying to do was comment out option value 1-4 but there was no change when I edited the jumpforum_advance template. As you know I pushed this issue to paid services and was able to get an excellent plugin developed and everything works perfectly, so this could be considered resolved, thanks for your help bro!
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