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Not Solved [How To?] Make my style to look like this?
Not Solved
Currently i have a style: 
[Image: pn41h8k.png]
I would like to make it to look like this:
[Image: bf2eaa690af24a12a197c7d45b9a5dd5.png]
or like
[Image: 6d06b64cbf9045ffae46efab38e18302.png]

The style of this to be simular like the images like those to be writen in horizontal and to look great, i mean i dont need that leacher bla bla stuff i just saw them via google on some forums but i want
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that stuff to be in place like that and also those PM,Email,Report,Quote to be like the images.
Not Solved
see this => postbit layout guidance

see also this related guidance => common sql queries

related plugin coded for an older version of MyBB => force postbit layout
see also changing the plugin compatibility to try it on MyBB 1.8.x
Not Solved
Hm... Do i need to edit postbit template?
Not Solved
^ earlier reply is for changing the postbit layout.

can't provide detailed guidance for changing style of all required elements
may be you have to hire a theme coder for custom theme / changes in the theme.

can we have your forum url & which theme you are using ..

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