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Not Solved Mybb forums domain name change
Not Solved
see this guidance => security: https

basically you have to use https for the board url and turn on cookie secure flag

first you can do required changes in ~/inc/settings.php file
and then at Site Details page of Configuration section in forum admin panel
Not Solved
i have MAde all the appropriate changes for this to work accordig to the site and to your advice ....

so basically i need to purchase a ssl certificate and have it installed and this will fix everything?

why did it work before with the old url i didnt need to purchase an ssl cert for this?

and ill i wanted to do was change three freaking letters LOL that how this whole thing got started LOL all i wanted to do was change url i buy newe domain name from to

and all this crap has happen in succession to that change database failed https not secure forums not work wanted to upgrade anywasy but now ... man this is alot for three characters...>..>
Not Solved
please close this topic as i have upgraded to mybb 1.8.12 and started all over fresh ...

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