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I do not know if it's normal but on my forum after registration we are automatically connected and it shows very well by returning to the home page after registration. We are in the "Waiting for activation" group but we are already connected and no visible message indicates that we need to activate the account because we are on an account not activated.

Please note that the registration settings indicate that email activation is enabled.

Is this feasible? Is that normal?

I'm afraid that many people give up the idea of using the forum simply because they can not write and do not understand why.

The link of the forum:
The same thing happens if I use the default theme or the theme named "Focus".
The version is 1.8.12 but I had the same problem with 1.8.11

Thank you in advance
Not Solved
forum admin panel >> Configuration [Settings] >> Login and Registration Options
>> Registration Method
which method is selected there ?

Quote:Instant Activation:
As soon as a user registers an account, they can post threads, replies etc without having to verify their email.

Email Activation:
When users register an account, they are required to click a link that is sent to their email to verify their email.

Random Password:
An email is sent to the users email address with a random password that they use to log in.

Administrator Activation:
All users must be activated by an administrator.

Email Activation & Administrator Activation
First user has to activate account through email sent. Later Admin has to activate the user account

Quote:When it says awaiting activation in the admin control panel it means that
user has registered but has not clicked the activation link that they received in the welcome email.

if newly registered users need activation then that information is
displayed for the forum administrators near the top of every page
[Image: diJghax.png]

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