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How are you handling the heat?
I currently have two fans pointed at me and I'm still trying to stay cool. I'm not dealing with the current heat level very well at all.

How are you guys fairing with the heat at the moment?
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I like your kitty av. Where iam now, its quite windy. Some sun breaks through clouds. Temps in the mid 60's. I live near the ocean so its usually unpredictable weather.
Sup bro
Working outside in Hot Texas weather, basically killing myself in the heat.
Hey man, what's up?
just want to report that our current weather is sunny, no winds and 100° this afternoon. its kind of rare for us to be in the triple digits since we live near the ocean..but it makes way for a super nice evening stroll after 7pm, the temps would hover around 72°
Sup bro

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