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Vaping Forum
I took over this site a while ago and have added a fresh look to it and am trying to focus on beginners in the Vaping market.
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Showcase thread approved.
nice forum
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Thank you!
Site looks fantastic, definitely one of the most professional boards using MyBB I've seen. All categories look well thought-out and the userbase is promising. Plenty of fresh content for a young, growing forum. Admins and users appear active. Those of you thinking of starting a forum should honestly use this as an example of what a good forum needs:
  • TLD (.com) with a domain name that makes it clear what the site's purpose is. If I told a random person to visit this site they should have a good idea of what to expect before actually visiting. Name also easy to remember.
  • An unsaturated niche. The forum has a clear topic (vaping) that it is centered around. Vaping is a rapidly emerging market without any real clear authority on the subject. No vaping forums/websites/brands have cornered the market, and it's very much anyone's game to grab the largest market share.
  • Appropriate number of categories/forums to properly separate content logically. Forums and categories are not overly specific.
  • Staff-to-user ratio. You shouldn't need 10 admins if your board only has 5 real members. At this point it seems the ratio could be getting close to having too many users for too little staff, but that's just me speculating with no factual evidence to support that.
  • HTTPS implemented properly site-wide (from what I could tell, at least as far as registration).

Very impressive site, will be very interested to see how it comes along content-wise in the near future.
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cool forum. love the pixelated banner there.
Sup bro
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That's something you probably should fix.
looks good, good luck!
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