How to delete all posts/threads of a user quickly?
I did not check my forum for a few days.  A bot got in and posted over 7,000 spam posts.    Somehow the "purge user" option was not available on his profile page...    which is the option I used to instantly ban and delete all posts of bots... usually.    Now I have banned this bot, but I can't manually delete 7,000 posts... it would take way too long.

Is there a way to delete all of his posts instantly?   And why did "purge user" button not show up for him?

Oh, never mind.

I just found the "Prune Threads & Posts" button under "banned accounts".
the button didn't show up because it's configured to go away after X amount of posts, I believe.
You can go into the admin panel of MyBB and temporarily remove the limit, just be sure to readd the limit back to prevent accidental purges of real users.
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