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Not Solved [Performance] Guests can post when it is not clicked in Admin.cp
Not Solved
This morning I went to my forum only to find numerous posts by a guest that were not permitted. Needless to say I spent a couple hours deleting and cleaning up posts. This is not the first time either so my question is If I allow guests to download three attachments are they still able to post?
I would like to configure my forum so they can't without locking up the dang thing Smile 


Not Solved
This could be because in your forum permissions it has guest posting enabled I had this enabled and didn't realize it until guests started spamming threads in lounge

Just go to Home » Forum Management » View Forum > permissions and go to guests and click and drag post threads and post replies in the disallowed actions

If that doesn't work try Home » User Groups » guests > Edit User Group > Forums and posts and tick off can post new threads
Not Solved
Thank you for reminding me Starlord. That is the issue and I am correcting it now. Thanks again


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