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When you give someone a can lay out a bunch of custom warnings predefined. So lets say i need to warn a user. I select a custom warning. If you only do that you get a warning forĀ 

  • You did not enter any administrative notes for this warning.

You can't give the warning without putting anything in the admin notes. Why? If i made a custom warning, that should be enough info to put in the admin notes. So I manually copy whatever warning i select, and then paste it into the admin notes, as well as into the private message to the user field between the --

But why cant this be done automatically? I can see the merit of needing to be able to add more on a case by case basis. But why cant it auto insert the custom warning into the field.....or not need an admin note at all if the custom warning is sufficient?
Copying and pasting does resolve this. But its a pain in the lime when you give out a lot of warnings to have to do something so redundant as copy the custom warning to the admin note field just because it wont allow you to have it blank.
Not Solved
Hi Metulburr,

I do not think is it possible unless you copy and paste the custom warning like you mentioned. However, I suggest you have a link to a thread of all custom warnings and explain how to avoid these. The user will have to look up the warning they were issued. It is common sense for them to know why they got a warning for something they did or did not do.
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