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$$$ Looking for Advanced MyBB/PHP Coder
I want to hire someone with advanced/extensive MyBB/PHP coding skills to do a few things for me that go beyond basic set-up/template stuff.   I need some specific custom features coded for MyBB - and I want some non-Forum related PHP things coded as well.

In addition to doing the things above, I need someone who is available to help/teach/coach me as needed - therefore good communication skills are a must.  Essentially, I will be paying for coding AND tutoring.

My budget is limited, but I do not expect anyone to work for peanuts either.   If you are an experienced coder, dependable, and want to pick up a few extra hours of work each week for a while, send me a private message.   Please include your experience/expertise & expected compensation and I will respond within 48 hours of your message.


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