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Not Solved Can't change or upload avatar all of a sudden
Not Solved
Hi this issue happened recently after I installed several plugins. I get this error: "The file upload failed. Please choose a valid file and try again." I heard in prior threads that this can sometimes be the problem or that it is CHMODding. how do I chmod? which setting? how do I know which plugins are causing that problem? thank you
Not Solved
temporarily disable all the plugins & check if avatar upload/change works
forum admin panel >> configuration (settings) >> General Configuration --> Disable All Plugins

~/uploads folder & ~/uploads/avatars folder should be writable (CHMOD 777) [more details]
Not Solved
thanks got it seems to work. Just had to turn myfacebook connect on and off.
Not Solved
^ I had access to your forum admin panel & tried to enable avatar types

forum admin panel >> configuration >> attachments

attachment types are listed with their enabled / disabled status.
jpg, png, gif types may be edited and avatar can be enabled.
Not Solved
thank you

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