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Not Solved [Performance] Can't Login (Solved)
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I followed and read the entire post located here: https://community.mybb.com/thread-126359.html and so far I've had no luck. At the end it said to contact you guys and give you my URL. I've listed my URL along with my cookie information. I have already edited settings.php in the "inc" folder with the correct cookie information and it's still not working.


Cookie domain: .ragecounty.com
Cookie path: /

Turns out I had the secure cookie flag on and it's only for https domains. You can change it in your settings.php if you're curious.

It has broken again and I can't login. All my cookie settings are okay and I've tried using different browsers and devices and they all won't let me login. I have changed nothing since I've fixed the problem. Please help me. This is ridiculous already.

I fixed it somehow and I don't really know how. :|
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