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Not Solved mybb error 1091
Not Solved
i got the facebook plugin deleted and now i want to delete the twitter plugin. But yes it says twavatar missing. Is there a similar script to the facebook script that can fix this error?
Not Solved
you can add below code segment as twavatar.php file & execute it

define('IN_MYBB', 1);
require "global.php";

global $db;

if(!$db->field_exists("twavatar", "users")) {
	$db->add_column("users", "twavatar", "TEXT NULL");
	echo ("Missing twavatar. Restored.");

Note: php files should be saved with utf-8 encoding without Byte Order Mark.
in general, we use editor like Notepad++ or file editor at web host panel
Not Solved
so I put the code in a php file then execute it like the last one? how do I make utf-8 encoding without Byte order mark ? How do I make a php file on cpanel?
Not Solved
^ in cPanel you can go to file manager and browse to your MyBB files folder where you have global.php file
at the top toolbar you can click on add file & follow instructions on screen .. select utf8 for encoding .. etc
Not Solved
I went into global.php but there is no option to add a file. Am I supposed to add this code in the global php file? I tried to make the file and put it in the mybb folder and tried executing it but got a 404 page.
Not Solved
the code should be added as a new file. not sure how you got 404 error.
would you like to PM me temporary access to files (FTP account) to check
Not Solved
sent the details to you

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