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Inferno shoutbox something went wrong
the shoutbox should be working now
(07-02-2017, 12:15 PM).m. Wrote: the shoutbox should be working now

yes, works.
Thanks! Heart
can u tell us the fix because mine was weorking fine and now it is doing the same thing all the sudden the other day it just stopped.....
basically javascript conflicts should be checked.
exact problem needs to be traced as there can be no single cause & no single solution ..
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Same problem here tho..
But in my case i can use the shoutbox, but i got alot the message with something gone wrong.
Every 10 seconds it's away again.
I think it's an plugin that's not working well. And lagging my forum..
Idk yet Sad
that is not a single solution at all, as .m. says all can be fixed but we have to debug the errors to know where is the conflict and start re writing the missing parts or conflict scriptms to make it works and not all cases are the same.

Only with the hands on it we would provide some kind of solution, but many times are different errors between users bro and many timed is many work to stay and write every part fixed Smile and fix the errors too because is too many work and not for all users the same fix applies.
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