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Not Solved [How To?] Trouble With Recent Replies, Not Recent Threads
Not Solved
On my server I currently have a recent posts tab to the side, but instead it shows the recent replies to a forum post. If someone were to post a comment on a post from a year ago, then that would show up rather than a new forum post. How do I change it to show the lastest forum post, rather than the latest reply to a post. Forum url isĀ
Not Solved
exactly which plugin you are using for the latest posts ?
Not Solved
I am not exactly sure, its been awhile since I have edited. I left the server due to the work and came back to help maintain the forums.

I found it,

Latest Posts in sidebar (1.0)
Shows the latest posts in your forum
Created by DanielM

That's what it is called
Not Solved
^ can you uninstall it & try using this version ..

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