Hiring Plug-in developer for script/download shop
I am looking for somebody who is able to create a shop for my forum https://cryptinex.com  I want to be able to sell files that the user can download.  if you can do this please add my skype: Servant.gaming or join my discord: https://discord.gg/A9veD2   I do not check pm's here so if you try and message me here you will probably not receive a response.
I think this can serve to you and it is for free.


But if you wish some advanced system i recommend you to use my downloads a paid mod from Pirata Nervo (Diogo Parrinha). Contact him this can be used as you like and if you want another free you can use newpoints and store add on from Diogo, it is a free and best choice like the first one, but both should serve to you.

See yah !!!
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Plugins 1.6.x

Plugins 1.8.x


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