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Not Solved Secondary Usergroup Permissions ?
Not Solved Question 
When a user is in two usergroups: a Primary Group and a Secondary Group...

How do permissions play out in that scenario:

1) Do all permissions come from the Primary Group?

2) Is it a combination with most restrictive from either group applying?

3) Is it a combination with most lenient from either group applying?

Here is why I ask:

I'm trying to set up User Promotions where users enter into a secondary usergroup based upon their total member referrals.

1) One referral, entrance into "Bronze Referrers" usergroup (assigned as a secondary usergroup in Promotion System)

2) Two referrals, entrance into "Silver Referrers" usergroup (assigned as a secondary usergroup in Promotion System)

3) Three or more referrals, into the "Gold Referrers" usergroup (assigned as a secondary usergroup in the Promotion System)

The difficulty is as follows:

When creating these additional usergroups, the AdminCP asks you if you want to "Copy Permissions from another group"

Dilemma 1: I can't really copy from a group because there are many groups who could be added into this secondary group.

Dilemma 2: If I don't copy from another group, it assigns a random bunch of permissions (or at least it appears to)

The crux of the situation:

During this process in the AdminCP, MyBB does not effectively in detailed terms describe how membership into secondary usergroups plays out in terms of permissions...

Most restrictive? Cumulative? Most lenient? Secondary ignored?

The entire purpose of this thread is because I want to give a custom colored Username to people who refer other members...without creating some sort of Group Permission Hellish Nightmare.
Not Solved
basically, primary group permissions should be having precedence over secondary group permissions.

however please see concluding paragraph of user groups guidance
Quote:... the "yes" permission overrides any "no" permission.
This poses a problem if you explicitly want to disable a certain permission for a user group if
users in that user group are in another user group with "yes" permissions for the same permission.
Not Solved
Thanks for your reply .m.

So, it seems I won't be able to have the secondary usergroup be the factor that assigns custom CSS to user's name because the primary usergroup CSS settings take precedence.

This may only be achieved with template conditionals now?

If user is in group X > asdfasdfasdf

else > zxcvzxcvzxcv

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