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Not Solved Please update the Merge System
Not Solved
Currently, the Merge System is at 1.8.11, can we please have it updated to 1.8.12? Either that or fix the PhpBB module of it.

If I do a new installation of MyBB 1.8.12, then I start the Merge System, and get past the first page (where it asks to submit anonymous information and also asks if I want to close the board). Then I get passed the Requirements Check page. Then I choose which forum I want to merge from (in my case, I chose PhpBB 3). Then I get to the Module Selection screen, but then I decided that I don't want to run any modules and then just quit the Merge System.

If I then go back to the forums, it's closed (which makes because I asked the Merge System to close it). However, I then cannot log in to the Admin CP and I get the following error:

[Image: gKQqW5C.jpg]

Not Solved
can you rename ~/inc/plugins/loginconvert.php file as loginconvert.php.old & check if the admin panel login works
Not Solved

I wonder if that's perhaps caused by the loginconvert plugin that comes with the merge system. It's been a while since I've ran a merge, and we recently lost the main developer who was working on it, but it will continue to be maintained.

EDIT: .m. beat me to it again!
Not Solved
Yes, that fixed it.

Thank you.

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