{looking to hire} custom skin
I'm looking to hire a coder/designer to build a theme for a 'hopefully' soon to open writing based role play game. It's an original fantasy concept. We can design our own graphics so whoever codes it will just need to leave open places and/or let us know how/where to add them. We are thinking something visually pleasing, but not too loud. We can provide a few example of styles that we like/colors that appeal to us. 

If interested feel free to message me (or post here) for more information and/or to provide examples of your work. This is obviously a paid thing, I would never ask someone to spend time on a project not their own for free. So if you could provide a fee for your services or a range that would be great too.
Hey Nestle,
I have sent you a PM, let me know you response.

- MyBB Heart

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