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Not Solved
Good morning, I come here because I have a problem with the forum. It happens that when I am using it sometimes it changes user for a second. In the part of the nick comes the nick of another user and shows subforms that should not be seen. Some moderators have managed to see the admin subforum although they can not see the topics of the xq forum when recharging is solved.

Do you have any idea what it could be?

Sorry for the bad English.
Not Solved
looks like your forum has caching problem. what is your forum url ?
see replies here for related information & contact your web host for fixing it.
Not Solved
Thanks for answering.

My forum is:

I have disabled caching policies in .htacces. I will contact my provider to deactivate my server-level cache.
Not Solved
yes, it's server-side caching.

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