Prevent users from changing thread title
Hello, is there a setting to prevent users from editing the thread title?

they should still be able to edit their OP without issue, but a normal user should under no circumstances be allowed to change the thread title.

Allowing a user to change a thread title could turn nasty and possible mess up your SEO. If a guy's account gets hacked you'll end up with a bunch of thread titles showing fake numbers and links to porn sites
You can remove the permission to edit the an thread, thats all... but if something get "hacked" you have much mor like other problems.
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basically it requires a plugin. I do not remember seeing such plugin. see also replies here.
you can use template conditionals plugin to remove subject field in edit post template for the members only.

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This should be part of the core like it is with most forum software.
No idea why this is not a core feature.

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