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Not Solved Thread ratings not showing properly.
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I haven't changed anything I can think of. This started happening immediately after the upgrade finished. I thought it might be a template difference between the old and new version of MyBB, so I installed the default theme again, but the same thing happens.
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you should not have a problem upgrading from 1.8.5 to 1.8.12. There are template changes but this is a stylesheet problem. Do you have any stylesheets that have the same orders on the properties page ?
What goes around comes around
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Nope, all different orders.

So I have got the workaround working, by setting every single stylesheet in the theme to attach "globally" however obviously this isn't the best solution.

Hopefully a developer can shed some light, because it presumably has to be some issue with the internal code, or at the very least the server setup, though as stated nothing much has changed in that area other than using php7 rather than php5. The server config is identical.

Any ideas on how to debug this one? Presumably there's a specific file which deals with figuring out which pages to load certain css files on.

I reckon it must be some PHP config issue as I'm using nginx with php fpm. Strange but it worked before.
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I am facing the exact same problem and I am also using nginx with php fpm. This is a fresh install and not an upgrade.

Did you find the cause and solution of this problem?
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Exactly the same problem here. Could it be linked to nginx??
Not Solved
It's indeed nginx related:

Replacing :
include snippets/fastcgi-php.conf;
fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME $document_root$fastcgi_script_name;
include fastcgi_params;

Fixed it for me. Still isn't a preferred solution though.

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