Not Solved user authorizations needed - thread opener & user group + thread opener & user itself
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Hello MyBB Community,

thank you for MyBB - such a capable tool for so much possibilities.
I'm sure it meets nearly all thinkable requirements, almost ...

For my own purposes it would be great MyBB would have 2 additional options to configure the user authorization rules to see / read forum posts :


Option 1 :
users authorization to see / read :
thread opener's posts + the user's groups (i.e. 'seller' or 'buyer') posts only

Option 2 :
users authorization to see / read :
thread opener's posts + the user's own posts only


I would very happy to have this 2 additional options.

How would it be possible ?

I would like to make a noteworthy donation ...

Thank you for your attention and have a nice day.
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How would you authorize individual users to only be able to view other individual users' posts? Is that what you're asking for here?

You want someone to only be able to see threads created by a specific other user that you set and other posts my members in that other user's usergroups? I'm confused by your request.
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Did you tried to play around with forum and group permissions? Please refer to our documentation:

They seem to be a little outdated but should be enough to provide you with the correct track to follow and understand the permission system.

There is also a plugin which allows you to verify the permissions each group has over each forum.

If this doesn't accomplish what you are seeking for, pleas try to provide more detailed information.

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